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Yesterday Mark finally came back to Twitch after a long break. Here are the highlights from his live stream. Good news about new music! I think I asked him all the good questions you guys submitted. If I did not include the answers in the highlights, it's because he didn't really answer the questions. For instance, he joked that the song Untitled on Dude Ranch is untitled because "it has no title" and barely remembered anything about the recording of "Another Girl, Another Planet". If you have any more questions for Mark, feel free to write them in the comment section below and I'll do my best to ask him next time. In addition, Mark finally explained the reason why blink-182 ditched the original Josie music video. You can find the clip in our stories. We plan on telling you more about that video in next month's newsletter. #blink182 #blink182italia

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Mark Hoppus de Blink-182 ha revelado que ha estado grabando material nuevo mientras estaba en aislamiento forzado por coronavirus.

Hoppus estaba transmitiendo el videojuego Animal Crossing en Twitch, cuando un fan le preguntó sobre sus planes para las próximas grabaciones.

“Grabé literalmente ayer”, reveló Hoppus en un clip que puedes ver arriba. “Así que la próxima grabación está sucediendo mientras hablamos. Es un nuevo Blink, no Simple Creatures ni nada más “.

Cuando se le pidió que describiera la canción en una palabra, Hoppus dijo: “punk, ¿qué tal eso?”